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About the program - Listen | Learn | Lead

Formation: The Design Mentorship Collaborative is a collective of BIPOC students and professionals that envision a more diverse and inclusive design field.


We support juniors and seniors transitioning from college to the design profession by connecting them with a multi-disciplinary community of students and professionals.


Our program provides a collaborative space for mentors and mentees that amplifies BIPOC perspectives, encourages skill building and inspires leadership.



Behind the program

The Architecture Foundation of Oregon (AFO), COMMA, and Diversity in Design (DiD) began discussing the role of mentorship in design after connecting at the 2022 Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) Conference. 

Since then, AFO, COMMA and DiD have partnered together to develop Formation to address the gaps in mentorship and professional development opportunities available to BIPOC students


Become a sponsor

Becoming a sponsor will support Formation’s mission to create a more diverse and inclusive design field. It will allow us to give stipends to mentors for their time and effort spent connecting with students, as well as give them funds for activities so that meet-ups can vary. Students will receive stipends to go towards the various costs of schooling, and to support their time and effort that goes into learning and expanding their horizons. Sponsorships will also fund group events throughout the year to keep the Formation community involved and up to date with each other. By sponsoring our program, you will also be:


  • Investing in your community to create a stronger and more diverse future workforce.

  • Granted access to recruitment of top diverse talent and receive brand awareness.

  • Increasing your staff recruitment and retention by showing authentic engagement in your community.

  • Fulfilling a part of your DEI focus and being able to use your involvement to hit your corporate social responsibility metrics.

  • Receiving level-specific benefits including event tickets, logo placement on banners, websites, and program information, presentation opportunities and more.


Please use the following links to pledge a donation or make a donation right away! If you have questions about the program, let us know.

Online Donation Form:

Pledge/Commitment Form:




More about being a mentor

Across different backgrounds and levels of experience, we have heard from members of the design community that they would have benefited from having an advocate early on in their careers. 


As a part of Formation, mentors will have the opportunity to be that advocate for the next generation of BIPOC design professionals. 


Mentors for any design professions are encouraged to apply, including graphic, interior, product, architecture, or any form of design that shapes our environment or physical experience.


More about being a mentee

College juniors and seniors participating in Formation will be a part of a supportive community of peers, mentors and resources outside of conventional design workplaces. 


Mentees will have access to a network of trusted professionals who understand the unique challenges of entering the industry as a professional of color. 


Mentees and mentors will co-create their own mentorship experience while developing applicable skills, including self advocacy, active listening and collaborative problem solving. 


Juniors and seniors interested in or pursuing graphic, interior, product, architecture, or any form of design that shapes our environment or physical experience are encouraged to apply!


Program Questions?

Téjara Burt

Payment Questions?

Candice Agahan


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Thank you, Sponsors!

We couldn't be more grateful to our amazing sponsors for supporting us in making this opportunity a reality for our BIPOC students and professionals.

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